What we stand for


Just imagine: the whole world is one large, safe environment. Possible? I think so! For success you need to start on a small scale; a street, a square, a neighbourhood, a ward……. Integral cooperation is my credo, you create or improve a safer environment together with (the power of) the local community, the citizens, entrepreneurs, municipalities, the province, the police, civil society organizations, et cetera. By connecting people and organizations you are able to initiate changes. Changes that can lead to a lasting and more secure and liveable environment; visible, tangible and measurable.



VAZ Global stands for a safe and liveable community.To this end, I advise, train and implement community policing principles and public safety (Dutch model). I discover with and for different organizations like police, local government, education and non government organizations (NGO’s) the best methodology to achieve a safe and liveable community. I have a pragmatic approach, fall back on theories and many years of practical experience, nationally and internationally. My aim is to do ordinary things extraordinarily well, with the result people feel safe in their own environment. My qualities are hallmarked by my ability to establish a vision regarding security and my ability, on the basis of a fully integrated approach at a strategic, tactical and operational level, to translate this to real execution and practical implementation. Fewer ‘words’, more actual ‘improvements’



My core values ​​represent the thoughts and actions of VAZ Global. These values are the foundation of my organization and represent what VAZ Global wants to spread.

  • Reliable
  • Expert
  • Pro-active
  • Collaborative
  • Integer
  • Accountable

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