Training & Education

The Netherlands

VAZ Global is expert in training students of Universities and (community) policeofficers all over the world. Since the last 15 years the Dutch model of community policing became as one of the most effective community policing models in the world. I train my students in classrooms and on-site. This alternate combination makes my programme interesting, instructive and fascinating for all our participants.

In The Netherlands VAZ Global trained community police officers (wijkagenten) for the Dutch National Police in the Southern part of The Netherlands. Within this project I worked together with our partners Factor Veiligheid and NCOI Netherlands. The whole programme took 1,5 year. The Dutch National chief of police achieves to have one certified community police officer per 5000 residents. VAZ Global is supporting the Dutch National Police by realizing this ambition.

Czech Republic

In Czech Rupublic and Latvia VAZ Global trains students Architecture of different Universities on the basic principles of CPTED and Broken Windows. Read more