Successful fieldtrip Safer Sweden Foundation to the Netherlands

In the first week of April 2016 VAZ Global organized in close collaboration with the Safer Sweden Foundation – Trygarre Sverige a fieldtrip to the Netherlands.  We arranged an attractive 4-days programme and all logistics during the trip for more than 30 participants from different kind of Swedish organizations like local government (Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmo, Orebro, Upsalla (and more), Swedish Police, politicians, representatives of housing compagnies, architects and urban planners.

The topic: how can urban design contributes to local safety and livebility issues. We organized different lectures and presentations done by local and national specialists and we visit  the Bijlmer area on-site. An intresting part of the programme was the presentation of a security manager of the City of Amsterdam. Marcel Zethoven of VAZ Global gave a lecture of community policing in the Netherlands and his experiences abroad and presented CPTED seen from public policy perspective. Part of the programme was a guided tour through different problem areas in Amsterdam including a visit to a Dutch “coffeeshop”. The owner explained the delegation about his difficulties and challenges how to deal with  the, typical Dutch, softdrugs legislation.

After a dinner-cruise through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam in the evening, the Swedish delegation went back home fully loaded with new insights, information and impressions.

Do you have interest in one of the VAZ Global urban safety programmes: feel free to contact us:

Click here for a foto-impression of the Safer Sweden fieldtrip.


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