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Emmalaan 4, 1421AJ, Uithoorn, The Netherlands (Europe)


+31 (0)6 33 75 99 05


If you are interested in how to start with the practical roll out of Community Policing please don’t hesistate to contact us.

We are Community Policing experts in projects all over the world.

We can offer you:

  •  The design of clear, integrated perspectives on security issues.
  • The formulation of a ’good governance code’.
  • A goals-oriented and purposeful approach.
  • The actual realisation of measureable improvement.
  • Analytical and negotiating capacity, together with a strong ability for active personal and motivated cooperation.
  • The transfer of knowledge and experience (empowerment) around integrated security, coaching and training of staff, students and others with regard to integrated security.
  • Our qualities are hallmarked by our ability to establish a vision regarding security and our ability, on the basis of a fully integrated approach at a strategic, tactical and operational level, to translate this to real execution and practical implementation.
  • Fewer ‘words’, more actual ‘improvements’. 

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