Sep 2018

Article Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security. Community Policing & Augmented Reality. Interview with Marcel Zethoven.

ARPro. About the use of the latest (AR) technology on your smartphone. Sharing the right information at the right moment, -right place, to the right person. More information: marcel@vazglobal.nl https://www.innoveermeemetjenv.nl/onderwerpen/innovatie-in-de-praktijk/arpro-augmented-reality-biedt-agenten-de-juiste-info-op-de-juiste-plek


Jan 2018

What Happened to Crime in Cramden (USA), January 15, 2018

“How the people in my city measure public safety is not on a piece of paper. It’s by what they sense when they open their front door.” Click on this link to read the whole story how recently community policing makes the difference in Cramden.      


May 2016

The community police officer in the media

The last few month there is worldwide interest for the Dutch model of community policing. Click here for an item of Nieuwsuur of NPO (Dutch National Television). Nice insights of the activities of a community police officer in The Netherlands. Item starts at 9.10.