May 2016

The community police officer in the media

The last few month there is worldwide interest for the Dutch model of community policing. Click here for an item of Nieuwsuur of NPO (Dutch National Television). Nice insights of the activities of a community police officer in The Netherlands. Item starts at 9.10.


Apr 2016

Successful fieldtrip Safer Sweden Foundation to the Netherlands

In the first week of April 2016 VAZ Global organized in close collaboration with the Safer Sweden Foundation – Trygarre Sverige a fieldtrip to the Netherlands.  We arranged an attractive 4-days programme and all logistics during the trip for more than 30 participants from different kind of Swedish organizations like local government (Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmo, Orebro, Upsalla (and more), Swedish Police, politicians, representatives of housing compagnies,…

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Dec 2015

Dutch Postmen ‘eyes and ears’ of the community

Amazing project in The Netherlands (Schiedam). Postmen on duty in the neighbourhood pay extra attention to solid waste and other by-law issues by making pictures of the (unwanted) situation. After embedding of the situation they informe the city services. Read more here.


Jun 2015

Community Police Officer mentioned in Dutch police-law

Since last year the Community Police Officer in the Netherlands (wijkagent) is mentioned in the Policelaw, article 1.1 under J. This makes Community Policing in general and the position of the Community Police Officer in (economic) turbulent times even stronger. Read more here and in our news & articles.