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Professionals in Community Policing & Safety

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Improving Safety and Liveability

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Police organizations

Local & National Police organizations who wants to work more close to and with the community. How to get in front of problems, how to implement community policing.

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Local Government, Cities

The role of Local Governments (Cities), who wants to create a safer and more liveable City, is crucial. How to organize this? VAZ Global has experiences how to start with.

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Training / Education

I train students of Universities (e.g. Architecture, Law), -Police Academies, members of Law Enforcement in the basic principles of community policing (e.g. CPTED, Broken Windows etc).

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If you are as Non Government Organizations (NGO’s) involved by developing safer neighbourhoods in collaboration with other partners, VAZ Global can support you.

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When and why VAZ Global?

VAZ Global stands for a safe and liveable community. To this end, I advise, train and implement community policing principles and public safety (Dutch model). I discover with and for different organizations like police, local government, education and non government organizations (NGO’s) the best methodology to achieve a safe and liveable community. I have a pragmatic approach, fall back on theories and many years of practical police experience, nationally and internationally. My aim is to do ordinary things extraordinarily well, with result people feel safe in their own environment; visible, tangible and measurable. Read more about my best practices, experiences & projects and find out what’s best for your local community safety and liveability issues.



I do the ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Marcel Zethoven - Founder of VAZ Global